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Sphere Payments Anovia Payments


In August 2017, WCP formed Sphere Payments through the acquisitions of TrustCommerce and Anovia Payments (Anovia), creating a leading provider of end-to-end integrated payments, security software, payments gateway and merchant acquiring products and services. Sphere Payments serves large complex enterprises to small local businesses across a range of end-markets, including healthcare, restaurant, retail, parking and insurance. TrustCommerce is a leading integrated payments gateway and security software provider enabling clients to process payments in a way that is: (i) highly secure and compliant, (ii) integrated with their core business software, (iii) omni-channel, and (iv) processor-neutral. Anovia Payments is a leading partner-channel focused merchant acquiring company serving small and midsize businesses in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Business & Technology Services Integrated Payments
Newport, CA / Dallas, TX
  Date of Investment:   
August 2017
Areas of Acquisition Focus

  • Software
  • Payments
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“The Sphere Payments platform will offer clients end-to-end integrated payments and security software capabilities serving a diverse set of clients ranging from the largest and most complex enterprise customers to small local businesses. We are excited to partner with the TrustCommerce and Anovia management teams, who are excellent operators and well respected in the payments industry. With these two companies on the Sphere Payments platform, we have taken a meaningful step in fulfilling our vision to build an industry-leading payment technology provider capitalizing on the increasing demand for secure, compliant payments acceptance that is tightly integrated with business software.”

Andrew Rueff
Executive Chairman
Cal Stuart


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