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Regency Hospital Opens in Akron

Atlanta, Georgia, March 2002–Regency Hospital Company of Atlanta, Georgia announces its newest LTAC hospital, Regency Hospital of Akron, located at 155 Fifth Street, NE in Barberton, Ohio.

Regency Hospital of Akron is a specialty acute care hospital that provides a full spectrum of critical care services for patients suffering from catastrophic illnesses or acute level chronic diseases. “We are pleased to bring Regency Hospital of Akron’s specialized, high quality of care to patients in the Ohio area, the majority of whom come directly from the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of short-term, general acute care hospitals. There is an unmet need for this level of extended critical care in many U.S. cities,” said Rod Laughlin, RHC President & CEO. “Regency Hospital of Akron fills a great need in the community,” stated Brian Wells, RHC’s Chief Executive Officer of the hospital. “Our services complement the short-term general hospitals because we provide a cost-effective alternative for the critically ill patient who requires intensive care over a longer time period utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of therapists,” he said.

Regency focuses on medically complex patients who typically have been stabilized in an ICU, but are too ill to return home or move on to a less intensive medical setting. Many are dependant on life support systems. These patients require a high level of nursing care, daily physician visits and comprehensive therapies including physical, occupational and speech therapies, seven days a week. The length of a patient’s stay varies depending on diagnosis, age and acuity level, but the average is approximately 25 days.

Regency Hospital of Akron is located within Barberton Citizens Hospital and will begin taking its first patients April 13, 2002. “We are extremely pleased and honored to be working with Barberton Citizens Hospital. We look forward to introducing Regency’s comprehensive programs to Akron and to the medical community,” stated Wells.

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