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11/15  Acadia Healthcare Third Quarter Adjusted EPS Increases 34.8% to $0.62

08/15  Acadia Healthcare Announces Secondary Offering

08/15  Acadia Healthcare Reports 78.1% Growth in Second Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.57

07/15  Acadia Healthcare Announces Completion of Belmont Behavioral Health Acquisition

06/15  Acadia Healthcare Announces Three Acquisitions

06/15  Waud Capital Partners Announces Partnership with CyberGrants, LLC

03/15  Acadia Healthcare Acquires Quality Addiction Management

03/15  Waud Capital Partners Announces Partnership with PSI Services LLC

02/15  Acadia Healthcare Completes Acquisition of CRC Health Group & Reports Q4 Adj. EPS Growth of 58.6%

02/15  Waud Capital Partners Completes Seven Deals in 2014

01/15  Philip S. Kemp, Jr. Joins Waud Capital as Principal of Investor Relations

01/15  Sterling Healthcare Services Changes Name to Cordant Health Solutions™

01/15  Adreima Acquires HealthCPA, Leader in Patient Advocacy and Consumer Engagement

12/14  Waud Capital Exits Its Investment in Cogent Healthcare

12/14  Pilot Logistics Services and Thomas Petroleum Announce Merger

11/14  Greenwood Technology Partners Interviewed by Crain’s Chicago Business

11/14  Waud Capital Partners Announces Formation of Greenwood Technology Partners

11/14  Sound Physicians Announces Agreement to Acquire Cogent Healthcare

10/14  Acadia Healthcare Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire CRC Health Group for $1.175 Billion

09/14  ProNerve Awarded Accreditation from the Joint Commission

07/14  Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS

07/14  Waud Capital is Seeking New Investment Opportunities

07/14  Acadia Healthcare Completes Purchase of Partnerships in Care

06/14  Acadia Healthcare Announces Proposed $300 Million Senior Unsecured Debt Offering

06/14  Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Equity Offering

06/14  Acadia Healthcare Announces Proposed Offering of $340 Million of Common Stock

06/14  Acadia Healthcare Signs Definitive Agreement to Purchase Partnerships in Care

06/14  Waud Capital Partners Completes Sale of National Security Partners

04/14  Acadia Healthcare Reports 33.3% Growth in First Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.28

03/14  Adreima Acquires Leco

02/14  Acadia Healthcare Reports 52.6% Increase in Fourth Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.29

01/14  Waud Capital Partners Completes 16 Deals in 2013

01/14  Waud Capital Partners Announces Promotions

01/14  Acadia Healthcare Acquires Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

10/13  Acadia Healthcare Third Quarter Adjusted EPS Increases to $0.30 from $0.17

09/13  Scott R. Fischer and Aseem P. Nambiar Join Waud Capital Partners

08/13  Waud Capital Partners Completes Sale of CarePoint Partners to BioScrip, Inc.

08/13  Adreima and Optimum Outcomes Merge

08/13  Justin C. DuPere Joins Waud Capital Partners as Vice President

08/13  Waud Capital Partners Expands Team

07/13  Cogent HMG Announces Executive Leadership Team

07/13  Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS

06/13  Acadia Healthcare Announces Definitive Agreement to Purchase Inpatient Psychiatric Facility

05/13  David A. Lowenberg Named Executive Partner of Waud Capital Partners

05/13  Acadia Healthcare Reports First Quarter Adjusted EPS

04/13  Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Two Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

02/13  Acadia Healthcare Announces the Purchase of Delta Medical Center

01/13  Acadia Healthcare Acquires 50-Bed Inpatient Psychiatric Facility

01/13  Acadia Healthcare Completes Acquisitions of Eight Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

01/13  Waud Capital Partners Closes 27 Deals in 2012

01/13  Adreima Completes Acquisition of National Healthcare Review

12/12  ProNerve Announces the Acquisition of PhysIOM

12/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Pricing of Offering of Common Stock

12/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Follow-On Offering

11/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Two Agreements to Purchase Eight Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

11/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Park Royal Hospital

11/12  Acadia Healthcare Reports Third Quarter Adjusted EPS of $0.17 and EPS of $0.16

10/12  WCP Launches Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Services Platform

09/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces the Acquisition of Timberline Knolls

09/12  WCP and Metalmark Complete Recapitalization of Maxum

07/12  Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS of $0.18 and EPS of $0.17

07/12  Optimum Outcomes Expands National Presence with ACS Acquisition

07/12  Pilot Flying J to Acquire Maxum Petroleum

06/12  CarePoint Partners Expands Coverage in Southeast

05/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Follow-On Offering

05/12  Adreima Announces New Chief Executive Officer

04/12  Acadia Healthcare Announces Follow-On Offering of 8,261,509 Shares of Common Stock Date

04/12  Acadia Healthcare Reports First Quarter Results

04/12  WCP Announces Acquisition of Sterling Reference Laboratories

03/12  Acadia Healthcare Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results for 2011

03/12  Acadia Healthcare Acquires Three Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

02/12  ProNerve Acquires Northwest Neurodiagnostics

01/12  CarePoint Partners Expands Coverage in Central Florida

01/12  Acadia Healthcare Names Wade Miquelon, EVP and CFO of Walgreens, to Board of Directors

01/12  Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Three Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

01/12  Adreima Expands its Northeast U.S. Presence with Acquisition

12/11  Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock

12/11  Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. Announces Public Offering of 8,333,333 Shares of Common Stock

11/11  Acadia Healthcare Completes Merger with PHC, Inc.

10/11  Cary D. McMillan Recognized in Directors & Boards

10/11  True Partners Consulting Acquires Affinity Tax Group

09/11  Waud Capital Partners Hires Three Associates

09/11  CarePoint Partners Acquires Mountain State Infusion Services

08/11  The Intensivist Group Teams with Cogent HMG

07/11  Revenue Cycle Solutions Expands into New Headquarters

06/11  CarePoint Partners Expands Presence in Texas and Louisiana with Acquisition of ArTex Medical

05/11  Cogent Healthcare, HMG Close on Merger Deal

05/11  Johnston Health Selects Adreima as Its Medicaid Advocate

05/11  Acadia Healthcare Company Announces Merger with PHC Inc.

05/11  Waud Capital Partners Acquires Revenue Cycle Solutions, Inc.

04/11  HMG, Cogent Merge to Form Largest Private Hospitalist Company in the U.S.

04/11  Waud Capital Partners Closes $463 Million Fund, Exceeding Target

04/11  Acadia Healthcare Company Acquires Youth & Family Centered Services, Inc.

03/11  Acadia Healthcare Announces Expansion of Management Team, Adds Joey Jacobs as CEO

02/11  Maxum Petroleum Completes Purchase of DeCristo Oil

01/11  CarePoint Partners Enters Houston Market with its 10th Acquisition

10/10  CarePoint Partners Expands into Texas with Acquisition of Allied Preferred Care

09/10  WCP Announces Vice Presidents, Chris Graber and Matt London and Associate, David Peterson

09/10  Advanced Reimbursement Expands to the East Coast with Acquisition of Hospital Inpatient Services

09/10  WCP Completes Sale of Regency Hospital Company to Select Medical Group

07/10  Waud Capital Partners Announces Formation of Optimum Outcomes

06/10  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Additions to Board of Directors

05/10  David Neighbours Joins HCPEA as an Officer and Vice President of Membership

05/10  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock

05/10  Susan Gallagher Joins True Partners Consulting as Chief Operating Officer

04/10  WCP Completes Recapitalization of HMG with AEA Investors

02/10  Kenneth Kaufman Joins Advanced Reimbursement’s Board of Directors

02/10  Michael R. Parks and Michael J. Tower Join True Partnersí Board of Directors

01/10  Waud Capital Partners Announces Promotions

12/09  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Submits New Drug Application

12/09  CarePoint Partners Expands into Philadelphia

11/09  Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Peninsula Village

07/09  Connie Perez Recognized in Impact Magazine

06/09  CarePoint Partners Acquires Home Infusion Division of Praxair

04/09  Dr. Stephen L. Houff Recognized in M.D. News

04/09  WCP Healthcare Portfolio Companies Seeking Acquisitions

03/09  Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Acadiana Addiction Center

03/09  CarePoint Partners Announces Four Acquisitions

03/09  True Partners Consulting Named to Crain’s 2009 Best Places to Work in Chicago

01/09  CarePoint Partners Acquires Option Care of Northeast Ohio

12/08  Advanced Reimbursement Completes Debt Financing

12/08  CarePoint Partners Acquires Total Health Services

12/08  Maxum Petroleum Receives $300MM Investment from Metalmark Capital and WCP

11/08  CarePoint Partners Acquires Care Partners

09/08  Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of RiverWoods Psychiatric Facility

09/08  WCP Announces Investment in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

09/08  True Partners Consulting Achieves Significant Global Expansion

07/08  Grant D. Wilson Joins Waud Capital Partners as an Associate

07/08  True Partners Consulting Completes Debt Financing

07/08  Eric S. Gordon Joins Waud Capital Partners as Vice President

06/08  CarePoint Partners Acquires Family Focus Infusion

05/08  Aquion Water Treatment Products Elects Albert Cantu as Chairman of the Board

04/08  True Partners Opens First Wholly Owned International Office

03/08  True Partners recognized by Consulting magazine

02/08  CarePoint Partners Acquires Home Infusion Therapy Company

02/08  Albert Cantu Joins Waud Capital Partners as Executive Partner

01/08  Waud Capital Partners Announces Promotions

12/07  WCP Announces Formation of Infusion Pharmacy Company

12/07  Maxum Petroleum Acquires Paulson Oil

11/07  Aquion Water Treatment Products Taps Frank Kneller as Chief Executive Officer

11/07  Maxum Petroleum Acquires New Mexico & Panama Facilities

11/07  True Partners Launches Global Tax Consulting Network

11/07  William L. Anderson Elected CEO of Regency Hospital Company

10/07  Richard P. Gustafson Joins Hospitalists Management Groupís Board of Directors

10/07  Waud Capital Partners Completes Sale of Alarm Security Group

09/07  W. James Farrell Joins Advisory Board of Waud Capital Partners

08/07  Matthew A. London and Peter B. Tedesco Join Waud Capital Partners

08/07  Waud Capital Partners Announces Opening of Downtown Chicago Office

06/07  Rod Laughlin recognized in Atlanta Business Magazine

06/07  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Initial Public Offering

05/07  Acadia Healthcare Announces Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer

05/07  Maxum Petroleum Announces Acquisition of Leading Petroleum Marketers

04/07  True Partners Opens First Wholly Owned International Office

02/07  Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Solvay Pharmaceuticals Announce License Agreement For LUVOX

01/07  Gary A. Mecklenburg Named Executive Partner of Waud Capital Partners

01/07  Waud Capital Partners Promotes David O. Neighbours to Vice President

01/07  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Signs Licensing Agreement With Valeant Pharmaceuticals

12/06  Acquion Water Treatment Products Announces Operations Group Organizational Changes

12/06  Acadia Healthcare Honored as 2006 Catalyst Awards Finalist

12/06  Regency Hospital Company Wins 2006 Catalyst of the Year

12/06  Regency Hospital Company of Hattiesburg Remains Clinical Center of Excellence

09/06  WCP Announces Acquisition of Hospitalists Management Group

09/06  WCP Announces Acquisition of Two Leading Fuel and Lubricant Distribution Businesses

09/06  Acadia Healthcare Announces Purchase of Kids Behavioral Health

09/06  Regency Hospital Company of Fort Worth Opens Doors

09/06  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase III Clinical Trial to Study the Safety and Efficacy of Xyrem®

06/06  Rod Laughlin Receives Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 Award

06/06  SPI Petroleum Acquires McLain Truck Service

06/06  Acadia Healthcare Company Acquires Two Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals

04/06  Regency Hospital Company of North Dallas Opens Doors

04/06  Regency Hospital Company of Jackson Opens Doors

03/06  Alarm Security Group Completes Two More Acquisitions

02/06  Alarm Security Group Begins 2006 with Two Acquisitions

02/06  Andersen Alums' Firm Fills Corporate Niche

02/06  WCP Announces Formation of Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Company

02/06  WCP Announces the Formation of True Partners Consulting

01/06  WCP and SPI Petroleum Announce the Acquisition of the Hartney Companies

01/06  Regency Hospital Company of Porter County Grand Opening

12/05  Regency Hospital Company of Central Georgia Named Quality Respiratory Care Provider

12/05  WCP Announces Acquisition of Aquion Water Treatment Products

10/05  Alarm Security Group Acquires Techtronics Security Company

09/05  Regency Hospital Company Named one of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work

08/05  Rod Laughlin Named in Top 50 Entrepreneurs of Georgia

08/05  Christopher Graber Joins Waud Capital Partners

07/05  Charles E. Edwards Joins Waud Capital Partners

06/05  Jazz Pharmaceuticals Completes Acquisition of Orphan Medical

06/05  Compex Legal Services Acquires American DataMed

06/05  Simons Petroleum Acquires Trevco

05/05  Compex Legal Services Acquires OmniDox

04/05  Waud Capital Partners Announces Closing of Fund II

04/05  Regency Hospital Company of Florence Awarded Full Joint Commission Accreditation

04/05  Ron Spaeth Joins Regency Hospital Company’s Board of Directors

04/05  Jazz Pharmaceuticals to Acquire Orphan Medical

04/05  Regency Hospital Company One of Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

01/05  Sovereign Specialty Chemicals Acquired by Henkel Corporation

01/05  Alarm Security Group Completes Four Acquisitions to End 2004

12/04  WCP Completes Sale of Parish Publishing Solutions

12/04  Regency Hospital Company of Greenville Opens Doors

12/04  Regency Hospital Company of Central Georgia Receives JCAHO Accreditation

10/04  Matthew W. Clary Joins Waud Capital Partners

09/04  Regency Hospital Company Opens Hospital in Arkansas

09/04  Regency Hospital Company Acquires 92-Bed Hospital in Minnesota

08/04  Alarm Security Group Acquires Four Texas Security Companies

08/04  Regency Hospital Company Completes Debt Financing

04/04  Alarm Security Group Acquires Argus Security Systems

04/04  Regency Hospital Company Opens Hospital in Macon

04/04  Simons Aims to be Biggest Oil Marketer

04/04  WCP Completes Investment in Simons Petroleum

04/04  WCP Completes Investment in Jazz Pharmaceuticals

02/04  Regency Hospital Company Opens Hospital in Louisiana

01/04  WCP Announces Acquisition of Litigation Support Service Provider

12/03  Regency Hospital Company Opens Hospital in Arkansas

11/03  Regency Hospital Company Opens Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

10/03  WCP Announces Sale of DS Medical to MP TotalCare

09/03  David O. Neighbours Joins Waud Capital Partners

07/03  Regency Hospital Opens In Northwest Indiana

11/02  Regency Hospital Company Announces Two New Projects

11/02  Regency Hospital Company Announces South Atlanta Hospital Approved

05/02  Whitehall Products Acquires Old Century Forge

05/02  Gary A. Mecklenburg Elected to Regency Board Of Directors

04/02  Ann Molitor Appointed VP Operations for Regency Hospital Company

03/02  DS Medical Announces Opening of Chicago Office

03/02  Regency Hospital Company Opens In Akron

12/01  DS Medical Announces New Knoxville Office

12/01  Whitehall Products Acquires Flora & Fauna

10/01  Regency Hospital Company of Florence Celebrates Grand Opening

04/01  WCP Announces Acquisition of Long–Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospital Company

10/00  WCP Announces Acquisitions of Specialty Medical Distribution Company

04/99  WCP Announces the Closing of $100 Million Private Equity Partnership

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